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Expandable Banners is a product by Melodic Media.
A Toronto Canada based rich media development company that specializes in high-impact javascript and HTML5.




Q: I can't see any banners working?

Answer: Make sure if you have an Ad-blocker turned on that you turn it off.



Answer: Easy!
When you sign up for free, you get 1000 Free Impression/Views per month of your banners to your websites.
You can use Expandable, Push Down and Slide Banners and can create an unlimited ammount of banners and websites, but are limited to 1000 Impressions/per month. Yes you also get free tracking of your banner click-through rates. Simply upgrade for more impressions after you login.

Q: Is it compatible with DFP, OpenX, Adtech or Adzerk or other banner rotators?

Answer: Yes.
After you create a banner click on the "Get Code" and Paste the Banner code in the HTML section of any banner system of your choice.

Q: Do all banners work with HTML5?

Answer: Yes.
All products are compatible with HTML5, CSS3 and other formats including Flash.
You can either copy and paste your code into our system, or point it to an extrenal URL.

Q: Is it easy to customize the size to a non standard size, such as: 728X90 (closed) - 728X530 (open)

Answer: Yes.
You can customize the banners to any size.

Q: My website is secure SSL Certificate, will the banners work on my website?

Answer: Yes.
We are also using an SSL certificate so all banners will work without issues.

Q: What payment options do you have?

Answer: We accept both Paypal and Stripe

Q: Is there a limit to the number of banners I can CREATE?

Answer: No.
You can create an unlimited ammount of banners.

Q: Can I create multiple clicking areas on the expandable portion of the ad?

Answer: Yes.
You can have as many tabs, and buttons as you wish in the HTML versions.

Q: Does there need to be an open and close button?

Answer: No.
You can design the banners however you wish. (Although we do reccomend having a visible close button for best usability)

Q: Can the expanded banner be a Youtube video or Slideshare presentation?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Can I set a timer that allows the add to stay open on the initial 10 seconds then close?

Answer: Yes. Contact us for help with this.

Q: Can the expanded banner contain a sign up form and some survey questions?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Will the expanded version expand over top of another JavaScript object?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Can I add video in my expanded banner?

Answer: Yes, you can add any Native HTML5 Video, YouTube, Vimeo or any other Video Ads and control the play, paus, stop with JavaScript.


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